Deposit of £40.00 per chalet per week is paid at time of booking, then balance is due five weeks before start of holiday. If you book within five weeks of start of holiday then the full amount will be due.
If you are compelled to cancel the holiday, we will try to re-let, if we succeed, we will return the deposit to you in full.
The booking is made on the understanding that the chalet will be available on the date stated. Should this not be possible through circumstances not under our control (e.g. fire, theft or damage) we cannot guarantee to provide an alternative chalet.
The owners will not be held responsible for any injury incurred inside or in the vicinity of the chalet or for any loss or damage of any personal effects or any theft or damage from any vehicles.
Whilst every care is taken to ensure chalet and contents are in working order, you will have no claim against the owners for any defects whatsoever, although we will endeavour to rectify any defects as soon as possible.
Any damaged items must be replaced or paid for.